This is a little late coming, but sometimes it takes a while to rejoice in such a victorious battle.

This month Proteus' united Chaos front went head to head with the dastardly tomb dwelling Necrons.  My opponent Narceron played a well stratagized battle, but alas his forces were not up to snuff.  He came to the board with 2 twenty man warrior squads, a 3 man squad of heavy destroyers and a 2 man squad of heavy destroyers, 2 Necron Lords (one coward in their building with 20 of his "best" warriors) and the other was a destroyer lord accompanied by a squad of scarabs (aka look ma I got cheap extra wounds).  And of course his mighty morphin Monolith.

I lead my heroic campaign with a legion of Chaos' finest.  Huron Blackheart (aka Proteus) led the battle with a 9 man squad of Chosen from a well constructed Land Raider.  Also in the battle was a 10 man squad of Thousand Suns in a Rhino and a 10 man squad of Nurgle Marines in a Rhino.  To round out the force we had 2 five man squads of Raptors and an 8 man squad of Summoned Daemons.

And here is the board.

The battle lines have been drawn, let the destruction begin.  This is the beginning of the end of the Necrons, Proteus is about to bring a new definition of pain and suffering to the Necrons.

The Thousand Sons are about to make short work of what little the Vindicator and Raptor squads left of the Necron Lord and his Scarab body guard.

Whoa!!!  It was the shot heard around the galaxy.  The grimdark shook violently as the immobilized Land Raider blew the Monolith into atoms right after it came into play. 


As the startled Necrons scurried into the Iron Warrior's fortification the Nurgle Marines evicted them before they had the chance to get too cozy.

The Necrons were soundly routed as the objective score was 1 to 1 and the kill point score was something like 7 to 3.  Since a cowardly mainstay of the Necron force hid in their own objective and the Iron Warriors stuck with their mission and protected their own objective and the area around the Necrons were not made to phase out.  Instead they were forced to stay on the battle field for the whole incursion to feel the humiliation of falling underneath the tread of Proteus' boot.

Not long after the resounding victory against the Necrons, the fickle powers of Chaos opened a hole in the warp and allowed for many disgusting daemonkin to poor out and lap up the jubilation of the Iron Warrior's well fought win. 

Soon the ascendant Chaos Lord Proteus will have his revenge and smite the vile daemonkin trouble makers and all who oppose his reign.   GWAHAHAHAHAHAA....errr, sorry got caught up there a bit :D.

At any rate the battle was a decent test of Chaos Marines, and with luck I will have bolstered their forces soon.  I suppose Narceron was right, I should have been playing Chaos, however the Necrons are coming soon....and soon we shall talk about them.