Ron Moore and gang has us all tied up in the mystery of who the final Cylon is.  And we've all got our guesses.  Mine originally was Geata or Zarek.  However the more time passes the more flawed I think this idea is, I believe these two characters may just be red herrings.  And from what I've read around the net the favorite is Dualla, I think this is mostly to bring Leoben's prophecy true.  But I think this isn't right either.

Number Three had asked for the 4 Cylons, cause there were only 4 in the fleet.  Of course there were a few on the basestar with her (Roslin, Baltar, some marines and Viper jocks) however she never outted any of them, maybe only to hedge her bets.  But even after the 4 had conceded that Starbuck's Viper was showing the way to Earth and they should all join forces she didn't out anyone.  To me its a pretty good indication that the last and Final Cylon isn't in the fleet, but rather on Earth where all five of them were to have come from.  But it has been said that the Final Cylon was is known from the first season.  The powers that be may not have figured it out til the third, but that particular character has been around since then, and is said not to be a guest star.

So if the Final Cylon has been a regular cast mate (if not a main character) that limits the list a bit.  So no one from Pegasus naturally.  And how many recongnizable characters are there from the first season that haven't already bit the dust?  Not a great lot, but still too many to make it easy.  At any rate the Final Cylon is a mystery that'll plague us til march or so.

On a side note I did think about the Final Cylon being Baltar, and the Baltar in the "Dinner Picture" may have been the head Baltar...however the Baltar in the picture is wearing his "priestly" robes, definetely not the head scrub that idea  :(

So on to the next mystery...