Okay, I was planning on posting this yesterday but the stove broke and that just put a general damper on the whole day.  Good news is as far as we know it is fixable, which is much cheaper than replacing it.

That aside, I have gotten some odd and end Star Wars, G.I. Joe, and Warhammer 40K parts together to use on the "serving table" for no better name.  It will be the table that the bartender fixes the drinks from and serves them in the cantina. I've take a picture of these parts.  I've figured out what I'm going to use for the base, and I think it will also be functional as well.  I'll be taking the rectangular plastic case from a Ferrero Roche candy case and mounting everything on its lid.  The functional part is that it can be opened and the extra bits can be stored inside, like the little glasses, pitchers, and bottles that will accompany the dio.  So far so good, I just have to figure out where the plastic case got stored away...or else I'll have to go buy more candy  OH NO!!  lol

Stay tuned for more updates to this Dio Challenge project.  Speaking of challenge, Narce has posted several more of his creations over on his blog, so go check them out here.