Back in 3rd/4th edition I played Iron Warriors.  And being able to use a fourth heavy support fit the bill quite well.  I used three defilers with indirect fire and a basilisk.  Pair those heavy hitters with a wall of Rhinos from my troops and HQ there was some major damage to had on game days.  After playing Tyranids for so long, the Iron Warriors were just what the doctor ordered.  My named character, Warsmith Proteus, was a recently fallen space marine that had joined Perturabo's forces against the Emperor.  The battles were probably fifty fifty on the win/lose list, but the army was insanely fun to play.

Then came 4th edition.  Warhammer 40K wasn't right anymore.  My whole group took about a five year break from Warhammer 40K.  It was a dark time in the grimdark universe.

But we were reintroduced to Warhammer 40K in 5th edition.  And the game was on.  I ditched my Tyranids, had no love for them anymore.  I tried my Iron Warriors...but things had changed....and the universe seemed it was still grimdark.  I was fully expecting the Iron Warriors to be as great as they were when I played them last.  I was ready to dump them into the warp forever.  I stoked the fires of my distant love of the Necrons and the game went on.  

It was Narceron that kept pushing me to play Chaos once again.  Telling me to abandon my old ways of thinking and embrace what new terrors Chaos held.  Finally after threatening to sell/trade the Iron Warriors off multiple times, I conceded to give them a try.  So after punching through Wolflair's Army Builder program I've come up with a list, and hopefully this next week I'll be trying it out against Narceron.  If all goes well I'll be working on Chaos while waiting for the new Necron codex to appear from its tomb.  And I'll be posting some pictures here of my progress.  I'm going to incorporate as much of the Iron Warriors I've already finished into the list as I can.
So here's to a new era for the Iron Warriors!!