Every once in a while me and my friends get the idea that we should have a customizing competition, more of a challenge really.  That time has come around again. 

Usually our challenges have revolved around customizing Star Wars and G.I. Joe action figures, more or less a marathon doing several in a short period of time.  The last one proved to be just too much though.  The quality of the customs, mine at least, were lacking and the fun value had slipped away.  But this time, its slightly different.

Yeah we have a time set to "try" to be done by: January 1st.  I figure it will be a good way to ring in the new year, with an actual finished product.  That being said, we are going more for quality and usability this time rather than speed.  And we aren't customizing Hasbro action figures, instead we are going to build dioramas. 

My diorama will be a smaller piece that will eventually go with a 8' x 4' Star Wars city, a usable playset for my son.  This particular piece will be the cantina or pub in the city.

Simon, I've just been told, is going to do a jail cell set for his G.I. Joes.  Now he is a bit ahead of me, he has refurbished a terror drome and made a bank building.  I presume that he will also link his together into a city board.

So far its just the two of us, maybe we'll add another or two.