It's been a while since I last posted, as Narceron has reminded me repeatedly over the last few days.  I have been working on a few Grey Knight figures.  Its slow going, but I am trying to get the done kinda right.  Nothing is completely finished yet, but a few are almost there.  Take a look.

The Throne of Judgement, Inquisitor Karamazov:

This model has been interesting to put together and to paint.  Way to many purity seals if you ask me, which you seldom  I'm mostly done with this one, just have some touch ups to do and then the final sealing.  From the codex he seems like he's going to be a pretty tough character.  I picked this guy up about the time that 4th edition came out, had planned on working it up as a daemon prince for my Iron Warriors.  However 4th edition forced us all into a 5 year sabbatical from the game.  This guy along with the Tech Marine shown in an earlier post were lay overs from that time.  Lucky for me I still had them around, now they get to live up to the full purpose of what they were originally made.

Venerable Dreadnought:


I've heard a few people don't care for this guy's stats.  I think he'll be okay, plus I like the model much more than a basic dread.  He looks like he fits in the Grey Knights...and with some modification he could fit in the Iron Warriors as well if the mood were to strike me.  This guy wasn't as difficult to paint as Karamazov.  And keep in mind he's not completely done yet, but he's within two or three steps of being sealed forever.  I'm hoping this model will also help speed the Grey Knights to victory, but we shall see.


Here are a few different angles of him.  As you can see there definitely is some room for improvement, however I think I can get him there.

Grey Knight Terminator, Justicar:

Here is the Justicar model I'm working on.  I kinda think I may have put too much detail on him, he looks sorta busy.

The Justicar is the Grey Knight Terminator sergeant, he is responsible for keeping them to their oaths.  Honestly there isn't a lot of difference between them, model or stat wise.  These will be the basis for my Grey Knight army, and hopefully they won't lead me astray, or vice versa.  I am working on some Strike squads, but that is slower going and for another time.

That is all for now, hopefully it won't be another month or two before I post an update.