Happy New Year Everyone!!  Here's to a bright new year of family and friends, love and compassion, wisdom and success.

Things are starting to slow down here at the homestead, although I know it'll start rolling again soon.  Christmas was great, hanging out with some friends, and celebrating with family at home.  My son loved it, several Star Wars toys and video games now in his clutches the galaxy is definitely not safe.

I know I've been a bit lax on our diorama project.  I've still not forgotten; now that the holidays have passed I will be able to get the supplies needed to get to work.  I have done some 3D model pictures in Google Sketchup, a wonderful tool if you've never used it.  There is a community out there of people that have done some amazing things with the program, and luckily they have posted their works to be downloaded for free.  While building the models I borrowed a few elements from these people and am very grateful for their work.

Here are some my sketches:

The general idea for the Cantina

The Med Center

And an Apartment/Hotel building.  We plan on filling these with cots, bunks, and lockers from http://www.marauderinc.com.  This is a great place to find guns, accessories, and diorama parts at a reasonable price.  I met Marauder John at the Canada Joe Con in 2009, he's as much of a fan of action figures and customs as the rest of us.

I'm still working on my sketch of the starport, it still doesn't look quite right.  One awesome thing we have decided is to make a shuttle landing pad that is extended from the roof with a walkway to a lounge.

Thanks for tuning in, and hope everyone has a awesome and blessed New Year!!