This is my landraider.  Sadly its not finished after all these years.  It has been beat up a bit and needs some touch up, plus it would be nice to be able find out where I put the tracks for it.  I had planned on shaving the imperial eagles off of them, but never got around to it.


The top isn't attached.  I supposed I had planned on doing something on the inside.  However the front doors are sealed as are the side doors.  After looking closely I think when this is done I might want to get another land raider and pimp out the inside and make all the doors where they can be opened.

Long live Warsmith Proteus and his soon to be new and improved Iron Warriors.  Looks like it will be Thursday that I will be playtesting my Warhammer 40K list.  We will soon see its effectiveness.  I'll take some pictures and post a bit about the battles afterwards.