Well kind of at least.  Narceron stated earlier on his blog a comment about me giving into my tv watching...not exactly.  Just life in general.  We've been working on cleaning things up around the house, inside and out, making room and such.  Plus my son is pursuing his acting career, or at best he's a rock lobster in Alice In Wonderland Jr.  He's doing pretty well.  I am both proud and somewhat surprised that he is willing to be in front of bunch of people singing and dancing.  You never know this may be his calling.

After talking to my son, his nickname is Pogo, we've decided we also need to do a shuttleport.  I've got a Star Trek Galileo shuttle to use as the transport, had planned on repainting it and stuff, but Pogo begged me to leave it alone said he liked it the way it is.  I'm not sure if I will incorporate the shuttle port into the star port or have it as a stand alone piece.

I'll post some pics of the shuttle this week after I dig it out.