I've been pretty stoked about the Grey Knights.  The models are looking awful sweet and the codex sounds like it is heaped with tons of muenster, so on par with most of the armies out there.  Although there seems to be some distinct disadvantages with the army as a whole, I believe they will be able to hold their own against most any army.

I've been working on a handful of models I've had laying around for a few years while waiting for the Grey Knights to release.  I've got the Throne of Judgement model, and from what I can tell he's gonna be awesome.  Also have some various assassins, some of which are still alluding me at the moment.  Also a couple daemonhosts, servo skulls, and a couple random miniatures that could tie in with the army.  And to round it all out I've got a techmarine and 5 servitors, two heavy bolters and three melee ones.  I've just about got the techmarine finished.  Still some finishing touches to be done, I've been taking my time with them to try and get em right.  Here is a preview of my techmarine as he stands right now.

Also, Narceron and Jestyr are going to Adepticon this weekend.  With any luck they'll be bringing me back a goody or two.  I'll be checking out the video podcasts via Ustream of Adepticon from the guys at Independent Characters.